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Our co-workers take pride in their work and ensure that every detail is accurate. The outcome? Nothing but happy faces! Among clients, guests, and our own team.

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Paul Vernhout

Maaike Drukker

Manon Sijbers

Kevin van Hooft

Anouk Roos

Margot van Holten

Suus van Langeraad

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Our History & the Future

Good friends
Good taste, they were both born with it: MPS | food & design and Hutten Meeting & Events. Since 1974, MPS has had only one goal: to put a smile on the faces of guests. With high-quality taste experiences and exclusive service, that’s a piece of cake. Hutten Meetings & Events is part of Hutten: a family business for 94 years, creating moments of happiness through sincere hospitality. Rooted in culinary craftsmanship and an enormous drive to contribute to positive experiences and a sustainable world.

Great Taste
These two taste-makers continue together as Hutten food & design. A logical step, as collaboration was already an important ingredient for both. By joining forces, the mix only gets better. This way, even more guests enjoy creative taste sensations and unparalleled ambiance. We bring more happiness to more people. And we have even more possibilities to give something back to the hospitality of our planet through innovative solutions against waste and emissions.