Zero waste

We face a significant challenge: providing enough healthy food for everyone, now and in the future. The emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases must decrease. We are fully committed to reducing our emissions. By 2030, we aim to cause zero emissions. Not through our own products and services, not through third-party actions. That’s when we will be climate-positive.


Every year in the Netherlands, we discard at least 5 billion euros worth of food. A portion of this consists of fresh vegetables: tops, bottoms, and stems, or rejected vegetables that are too small, too colourful, or misshapen. The Verspillingsfabriek (Waste Factory) creates flavourful soups and sauces from these ingredients. Without artificial additives, and with delightful herbs. The Verspillingsfabriek employs individuals who are distanced from the labour market. Because wasting talent, we believe, is also a loss.

Sign Language Coffee Bar

A true coffee experience is more than just good coffee, we believe! Our certified ‘Gebaaristas’ truly make the difference in this. At the Sign Language Coffee Bar, you can place your order in sign language using the menu on a video screen. The barista then prepares your order with a lot of passion. Just the way you like your coffee. This way, you enjoy your coffee moment, learn something new, and connect with people in a different way.

Hands full of flavour

Have you met our special bakers yet? Most of them have a hearing impairment. So, they don’t use many words, but their hands speak volumes. They use them to communicate and to knead, roll, and bake artisanal treats. Always with care and the utmost patience. And, of course, they only use the finest ingredients. We bake the world a better place. You can taste it.

More plant-based, just as much flavour

Eating less animal products and more plant-based food is better for humans, animals, and the planet. That’s why we encourage the transition to a diet that is largely based on plant proteins. It’s a simple adjustment with a significant impact. And just as delicious!